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No Trash Day this June 2023

At the last meeting in May it was decided to not have a Trash Day with the dumpsters at the Clubhouse in the Month of June. This decision was made because owners of lots in HHOA have not been paying their dues, increased cost of lawn mowing the parks, and now we are being charged for Property Tax on the lots where the clubhouse sits.

It was decided to wait and see how expenses go before paying out more monies, the cost of having a trash day was close to $2000 each time HHOA did the trash day. Jourdan Rassmuessen the HHOA Lawyer is owed monies also for work he has done the last three years and has not billed us yet.

The HHOA Board is trying to be good stewards of the funds we do have on hand so that the Sub-Division runs smoothly. If you have any questions or solutions for Trash Day please come to the Annual Meeting June 24th at 10 am in the HHOA Clubhouse, corner of Birch and N. CountyLine Rd.

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