Newsletter April 2020

2019-2020 Winter @ Honeymoon Heights

   Mother Nature is not happy. Rain, Cold, Snow, and unseasonable Warm with more Rain, and then more Cold and Snow. How is a person supposed to get through without getting sick?  Then She throws the Corona virus at us. Winters are hard enough at keeping us older folks indoors. Now, we have to deal with no place to go and the kids are screaming “Entertain Me, Entertain Me.” Thank God for the internet. We can work from home, search for knowledge, learn how not to spread the virus, watch unending movies, Facebook, sleep in, etc....... Sure hope that you had enough Toilet Paper.


HHOA Meeting Dates: April 16th Meeting is Canceled due to virus

April 16, 2020 Thursday at 7 pm                  

May 21, 2020 Thursday at 7 pm

June 27, 2020 Saturday at 10 am, Annual Association Meeting

August 20, 2020 Thursday at 7 pm            September 17, 2020 Thursday at 7 pm

October 15, 2020 Thursday at 7 pm

Spring Cleaning

    This has also been canceled for May, hopefully we can schedule a clean up day later this summer.


    On the subject of cleaning.  All of us in the Honeymoon Heights want our subdivision looking the best that it can.  A clean and organized appearance increases the value of our homes and neighborhood, rodent free, and a positive sense of welcome.  Each lot owner is encouraged to keep their lot appearance looking well organized without being told to do so.  No one likes to be told what to do so, the HHOA is requesting that each of us do our part in the appearance of our lots.                                                       

   Please, keep leaves removed, lawns mowed, wood neatly stacked, trash and appliances removed, non-running vehicles, boats, RVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and trailers need to be licensed or a For Sale sign on it for a short term, parked in a row or out of sight.                                                                           

   For the Backyard Mechanic:  A clean shop is a safe shop.  Mechanical work may be done in the driveway for a short time and repaired in a reasonable amount of time.   Junk vehicles and steel scraping needs to be kept out of sight.   Written complaints may be submitted to the Cato Township Board.  HHOA can only encourage against blight.                                                                                                                     

    HHOA no longer handles building permits, it is the responsibility of Cato Township and Montcalm County.  When applying for a building permit be sure to tell Cato and Montcalm that you are under the Honeymoon Heights special zoning rights. 



Installing Boat Docks

       Docks at Parks, Only Honeymoon Heights Board sanctioned docks and no other structures, unless approved by the HHOA Board of Governors shall be installed at Assoc. parks;                                       

     Due to the Easter Holiday and the Corona Virus we will be installing the docks at the Honeymoon Heights parks on Saturday May 2nd. We will start at Park C on the east end of HHOA, and start at 9 am.  Waders and some tools are needed, so come prepared to work in cold water.

Dock Permits                                                                                                                                                                 

 To receive a dock permit for your boat you must be current on dues owed to the HHOA and have a current boat registration from the State of Michigan.   To apply for docks permits, starting April 1st, if you help with the installation of the Docks in May you can receive your permit at that time.  Your boat must have a valid dock permit sticker before docking. You can also receive your dock permit at the meeting in May or any other HHOA Meeting. HHOA Board members can be approached for an application and Dock Permit.  The HHOA will be looking into passing out Dock Violation Tickets for those docking without a permit.

HHOA Violation

   According to the HHOA Covenant, it is not acceptable to live out of camper trailers or Motor homes in this Subdivision.   LIMITED CAMPING RIGHTS;  To facilitate the clearing and cleaning of subdivision lots, one recreational trailer, motor home, or camper may be placed on any lot for a period of time not to exceed 14 consecutive days in any one calendar year, without issuance of a “Temporary Residence” permit. Pit toilets are prohibited.   COMPLIANCE;  Failure to comply with the aforementioned restrictions will be considered as the establishment of a camp site. This is a residential zoned community, not a campground. Non-compliance will necessitate the voiding of all permits, cancel the “Limited Camping Rights,” and require the immediate removal of such camping unit(s).                                             

    The HHOA did follow up on an owner having trailers on their lot. The Montcalm County Court found in favor of HHOA and the Court ordered the removal of the Trailers.

   The Association understands that on the holidays, extra room is needed to house guest and will allow short term occupation.  As long as the streets are not blocked off.

   If you want a campsite, it is allowed in Schmied Park Subdivision.

Honeymoon Heights Website


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