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Local Trash Day Infor

Honeymoon Heights Govenor's Board decided not to have a Trash Day due to the cost of the event. If we could get more owners in the HHOA sub-division to pay their dues that are owed to the Association, we would be able to provide that service again.

There are a couple of local Trash days that you can participate in, one is close to Greenville MI, for Montcalm County Residents. The other one is in Six Lakes, MI for those who live in Belvidere Township.

Please go to the websites below to get more information on what can be disposed of at these two sites.

Go to the following website and do a search for Household Hazardous waste collection. at the website you can find out what they are accepting for disposal.

Saturday, May 18th from 9 am to 12 Noon

Montcalm County Fairgrounds

8784 Peck Rd.

Greenville, MI

Go to the website below, they don't give much info on what can be disposed of, but it will give a phone number or email address that you can contact someone at Belvidere Township

Belvidere Township

Spring Time Cleanup

Saturday, May 11th at 8 am

Six Lakes, MI

Line up on Center St. of Six Lakes, MI


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