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HHOA Meeting Minutes 4-25-2019

Honeymoon Heights Owners Association

Board of Governors Meeting

Minutes for April 25, 2019

Board Members Present: Stuart Hazle, Curt Becker, Eric Galle, Bill McElroy, Todd Barton, Lonny Day

Pledge of Allegiance: Recited by all present

Guest Forum:

Kim and Kim Scheonemen – Concerns on blight. Willing to volunteer on anything we need help with

Judy Hazle – Raise dock at Park N for easier access – Eric and Kim to work on this.

Reading of last Meeting Minutes: 10-27-18 – Eric motioned to accept minutes; Todd seconded; all


Treasurers Report, Ending April 25, 2019 - Eric read Treasure Report. PayPal works, need to attach service fee to cover cost; need to check into this.

Old Business:

1. Collection of late dues, letter to those 2yr behind.

A. Stuart talked to Rasmussen (lawyer) and we can’t put liens on, but we will still send

letters because the association does not have the power to put liens on. Small claims

court instead. Put this on the agenda for June 29th meeting. Letter for past dues after a

certain time. Eric Galle will look into collection agency.

B. Will need to change the bylaws to reflect the change.

2. Blight, Lot 393, 551

A. Curt Becker to call Cato Township (Dave Kelsey)

3. Park J: The picnic table structure roof, Kim and Lonny to look at – Need to look at ruts at

Park. Ok to fix roof for under $300. Moved by Bill McElroy, seconded by Todd Barton, all approved

A. Lonny Day and Kim Schoenemen to purchase supplies and repair Park J roof.

4. Park A Tree Roots – DEQ

A. Eric Galle motioned to have Lonny Day dig roots and Ed Koutz to supply stone. Bill McElroy Seconded all approved.

B. Motion made to reimburse Lonny Day for the Backhoe and Ed Koutz for the Stone, Curt Becker seconded, all approved.

5. Lots 549 & 550 structure violation of Assoc Rules

Rascal Calcutt says they are using neighbors address for mailing.

6. Dredging of Channel at North End- No meeting on Dredging has been set yet.

A. Neal Williams is the person to contact – Lonny Day to look into it.

7. New Docks, Park N and B1,

A. Docks are in and being used.

B. Permit Application – Board will come up with Policy for use of Docks and Permits

C. Posted dates for docks in and out.

8. Online payment of Dues- This has been included on the new Website

9. Assoc. Violation, lot 613 three trailers, still on going,

A. Stuart Hazle to sign complaint form for lawyer Rasmussen, they will get moved.

10. Assoc. Tennis Court on Cherry St

A. Removal of Brush will do in spring – Todd Barton

B. Sign for Tennis Court – Rascal Calcutt will report back in May

11. Fire pit removal, Park C1 –Eric Galle will remove

12. Newsletter, Ed Koutz

A. Stuart Hazle to get real estate containers to set up in the park to dispense the newsletter

13. Sign for Dock – Park N, end of Birch Dr., signage has been installed

A. States leave open for loading and unloading only.

B. Ed Koutz– Wants to have parks labeled, Will look into it.

Committee Reports:

Parks: Todd Barton – Discussed earlier

Roads: Stuart Hazle - Good

Lights: Bill McElroy

Building Issues: Ed Koutz

Blight: Curt Becker- will follow up on two sites with blight lots 393 and 551

Website: Stuart Hazle– Bill McElroy makes motion to reimburse Stuart $360 for website installation. Curt seconded; all approved

Eric Galle made a motion to reimburse Stuart Hazle for Park N sign $63.36. Todd Barton seconded, motioned to reimburse Stuart Hazle for boat permit stickers $36. Curt Becker seconded; all approved

New Business:

A. Bulletin Board, Ed Koutz – Ed Koutz made a new one, $244.00 – Put new one in front of association building and move existing one to the old store. Motion by Curt Becker to install the signs, Todd Barton seconded, all approved

B. Dock Permit Form, Todd Barton submitted a draft of a dock permit application, Board set a date to have a work session to work out the policy on Dock usage at the parks. Work session to take place May 3rd at the Galle’s at 7 pm.

C. Coldwell Banker, Roberta Perry, 5 lots 11965 Birch Dr, Stuart Hazle – Bank will pay October – December of 2018 prorated and current dues for 2019 of $75

D. Credit Cards, 2 for Treasurer and President – Eric Galle to look into it and report back in May.

E. Add Eric Galle, Stuart Hazle, and Curt Becker to checking, Remove Ed Koutz–Lonny Day motioned to make changes to checking account Bill McElroy second- all agreed. Accounts are all good with Mercantile in Lakeview not in Mercantile system. We need to follow up to make sure they get into Mercantile’ s system.

F. Eric Galle motioned – Curt Becker to call current lawn service. Bill seconded; all agreed.

G. Lonny Day motions to talk about lawn care for year 2020 in September of 2019. Purpose is to see if residents would be willing to mow parks as a way of saving money.

H. Park Lawn Mowing, Stuart Hazle will contact Aggressive Tree Service about mowing the Parks

Meeting Adjourned

Next Meeting May 16, 2019 at 7 pm


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