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HHOA Meeting Agenda 5-16-2024

Updated: May 10

Honeymoon Heights Owners Association

Board of Governors Meeting

Agenda for May 16, 2024, 7 pm at Clubhouse

Board Members Present:

Pledge of Allegiance: recited by all present

Installing a new Board Member to fill Lyle Visser’s seat

a.     Bonnie Visser

Guest Forum:

Reading of last Meeting Minutes: 4-18-2024

Treasurers Report, Ending April 30, 2024 -Susan


Old Business:

1.    Collection Agency, were letters sent, Response?

2.    Assoc. Violation, lot 613,  1 trailer, Cato Township

a.     Stuart call Dave Kelsey

3.    Feral Cats

a.     Stuart and Judy talk to resident

4.    Spring Clean up

a.     Belvidere May 11

b.    Montcalm County May 18

5.    HHOA Budget 2024-  Susan Zwingman

6.    Quick Books for Treasurer- Susan Zwingman


Committee Reports:

          Parks: Beau Couillard

a.     Rotted Posts at some parks

          Roads: Lyle Visser

          Lights: Curt Becker

          Dock Permits: Stuart Hazle

          Blight: Kelley Hammis

          Website: Stuart Hazle

New business:

1.     Clubhouse Use, Debbie Delano, June 21-24             

Adjourn Meeting  


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