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HHOA Annual Board Meeting Minutes 6-26-2021

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Honeymoon Heights Owners Association

Board of Governors Annual Meeting

Minutes for June 26, 2021

Board Members Present: Stuart Hazle, Lonny Day, Curt Becker, Eric Galle,

Kim Schueneman, Nancy Lundwall.

Pledge of Allegiance: recited by all present.

Guest Forum: see attachment.

Minutes of 5-20-2021 read and accepted

Treasurers Report, ending May 30, 2021 read and accepted

Balance $30,003

Deposit $3350

Debits $3988

New Balance $30,365

Old Business:

1. Collection Agency will be re-invoiced July 30.

2. Lots 549 & 550, Stuart will be pursuing owners mailing address.

3. Cleaning out 100yds of channel at north end is completed

4. Assoc. violation, lot 613, 1 trailer, Stuart is pursuing through Cato township. Dave Kelsey following up.

5. Parks M, B, C1, N Stuart is pursuing Stone Seawall, has not heard from EGLE yet.

6. Motion was made for Eric to purchase the cloud-based program from CCS Tech, at a cost of no more than $2,000 and service to cost no more than $100, per month, also purchase of new laptop for Treasurer. Motion by Nancy seconded by Lonny, passed.

7. Trash Day was discussed, Trash day in June went well. The board decided to do twice a year, once in late spring, second in early fall. First 2 hours, a truck will drive through the community. There will also be 2 dumpsters at the club house. Motion passed

8. Discussions about Park N, because of the high-water table and the needs at other parks it was determined not add a Pavilion or sign for “first responders” at Park N.

9. Eric made a motion to purchase, top soil, seed, and sticky straw for Parks B & C at a cost of no more than $1000. Curt seconded, passed.

Committee Reports:

1. Parks: Lonny Day, steps at Park B need to be repaired. Lonny will seek Bids for repair of the steps.

2. Roads: Kim Schoeneman, continues to seek repairs.

3. Lights: Nancy Lundwall, all are in working order

4. Dock Permits: Stuart Hazle, there is 1 left. Two boats at Park B1 are not registered, Stuart trying to find owners.

5. Blight: Curt Becker, is ongoing.

6. Website: Stuart Hazle, going well.

New Business:

1. Election of Board Members: No one stepped up to request to be on the board. Both Stuart Hazle & Lonny Day are willing to continue to serve on the board for another 3 years.

2. Discussion about the cleaning of the outside of the club house. A bid from Dave Johnson will be sought.

3. Requested to look into Y-FI at the clubhouse during summer months.

4. Nancy was asked to see if LAKEVIEW has extra pea stone from resurfacing their roads.

5. Ed Koutz announced there will be a golf cart parade July 4,

6. Discussion about placing a fishing dock at Park J.

7. Squirrels in ceiling of clubhouse, Danae will seek a bid from an exterminator.

Curt Motioned to adjourn. Motion Passed

Board of Governors Executive meeting

June 26, 2021

Separate from Annual Meeting, to decide among those on the Board who will do what duties on the Board of Governors.

President Stuart Hazle Web site

V. President Nancy Lundwall Blight

Treasurer Eric Galle

Secretary Curt Becker Lights

Lonny Day Parks

Kim Schoenemen Roads

Meeting adjourned


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