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HHOA Annual Board Meeting 6-25-2022

H.H.O.A Board of Govenors

Annual Meeting June 25, 2022, at 10 am

Board members present: Stuart Hazle, Nancy Lundwall, Curt Becker, Eric Galle, Kim Schueneman, Beau Couillard.

Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all present.

Guest Forum:

Questioning of new dock for Park B.

Diana Jachim, Questioning if there will be dredging of channel.

Susie Zwingman, Prefer not to accept cash for dues.

Lot 285, Trim branches on Park J. Painting of swingsets.

Keith Hammis, Concerned that blight is bad & roads are in need of repair, Hemlock street is in bad shape.

Questioning the price paid for docks? And wants to recoup price of docks. Asking about Liability if someone is hurt on docks. Asking when do people get dock permts.

Reading of minutes from May 19, 2022 meeting.

Correction to minutes: Stop sign missing is on Cedar & Elm, not Caroline street.

Minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report, was read by Curt Becker:

April 20th to June 21st: Deposits of $4,170.74

Debits of $12,958.30

Ending balance: $18,940.71 + $25.00 that needed to be deposited.

IRS report: Stuart Hazle reported that he met with Trumpets & Dove who prepared IRS reporting for the last 3 years. The year 2022 is due in July. It is unclear yet whether the IRS will bill a penalty fee for late submissions. The previous treasurer was not aware this had to be done.

Jourdan Rasmussen HHOA Lawyer is looking into Property tax that HHOA paid. He is meeting with Rashid from Cato Township Accessor Office. We shouldn’t be paying property tax as HHOA is a non-profit.

Property Tax bill was sent to the wrong address, that has been changed to a current address.

Paid $300.00 to Trumpets & Dove, will now only charge us $75.00 per year.

Reimbursed Stuart Hazle $34.91 for snacks.

Old Business:

1. Collection agency: Eric, needed an updated list of not paid dues. Maybe we contact title company about when a property is sold, they are notified of unpaid sues.

2. Lots 549 & 550 structure violation of Assoc. Rules: Nothing new to report at this time.

3. Assoc. Violation, Lot 613, 1 trailor, Cato Township: Still is ongoing at this time.

4. Financial computer program update for Treasurer: Susie Zwingman reported that she is using Quicken 13, and will stay with that program for now.

5. Trash Day, Recap, Schedule for fall? Stuart and Rascal worked trash day, went well and ordered a extra dumpster. All 4 were full. Motion made for a fall cleanup also, set for Saturday Sept. 24th. 8:00 a.m. till noon. Will get bids from Granger, Republic & Lets Talk Trash. Keith Hammis Questioned why we are getting 2 different trash services in subdivision?

6. 4th of July parade: Ed Koutz says they will meet @ clubhouse @7:00 p.m. Ed motions for Assoc. to buy 5 signs for up to $200.00. Motion seconded and passes.

Committee Reports:

Parks: Beau Couillard, Park B= Replaced bad section that had broken.

Bid of $2,200.00 to repaint 14 swingsets.

Bid of $1,600.00 if material is supplied by Assoc.

Tabled until next meeting. Judy Hazle motions we repaint already painted swingsets grey. Not the galvanized swingsets. Give bids to Beau & paint the ones that need it. Kim seconded, motion passes.

Park B needs grass seed, tabled till next meeting.

Roads: Kim Schueneman, need to replace stop sign. Rascall Calcutt mentions that people are running stop sign on Countyline & Elm. Do we need a stop ahead warning sign?

Lights: Curt Becker. All are working at this time.

Dock Permits: Stuart Hazle, everything is good at this time.

Blight: Nancy Lundwell, Still working on it.

Website: Stuart Hazle, it is working fine.

New Business:

A. Change park signs , from no motorized to Golf carts only? Diana Jachim motions to leave as is, seconded by Ken Lundwell. Motion passed.

B. Review of Dues for HHOA Association: Cathy motions to leave as is, seconded by Diana, Motion passed.

C. Election of board members:

Beau Couillard to fill in for the last 2 years of term of Lonnie Day. Motion passes.

Curt Becker & Eric Galle terms are expiring June of 2022.

Nominations were taken from the floor, Curt Becker was nominated for another term, accepted and motion passed. Vote was taken on June 25th 2022. Re-appointed for 3 year term expiring in 2025.

Motion was made from floor to change by-laws to add a 7th board member. Motion failed.

Nominated for Eric’s position: Susie Zwingman was nominated from the floor. Motion passes.

Vote was taken on June 25th 2022. Appointed for 3 year term expiring in 2025.

D. Moving posts in Parks C & N:

Park C: Move posts from from north side of park. People are parking on neighbors property.

Park N: Move posts from south to north.

E, Approval of budget for HHOA: the budget for 2021-2022 was presented by Stuart at $25,320

Motion was passed.

F. Dock Policy Addendum:

Items 5 & 6 to be added to the dock policy in the by-laws was presented.

5. A owner may have 2 dock permits, but only park one overnight.

6. Please leave docks free of boat gear.

Moved to accept by Perry, supported by Ken. Motion carried.

G. Mileage reimbursement request:

Moved by Kim and supported by Diana to reimburse Stuart Hazle for traveling back & forth for the issues with the IRS forms. Amount to be reimbursed: $41.44. Motion Carried.

H. Payment to Susan Zwingman for book keeping services:

It has taken several hours as book keeper to get all the accounting in order from the changing of treasurers. Susan submitted an invoice for 33 hours @ $25.00 an hour. The total is $912.50

Motion was made and carried to reimburse Susan Zwingman for her additional hours of service to the board.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:20 p.m.


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