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HHOA 8-20-2020 Meeting Minutes

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Honeymoon Heights Owners Association

Board of Governors Meeting

Minutes of August 20, 2020

Board Members Present: Stuart Hazle, Curt Becker, Kim Scheuneman, Eric Galle,

Nancy Lundwall

Association members: Rascal Calcutt, Roger & Diana Jachim

Pledge of Allegiance recited by all

Review of last meeting minutes, Motion to accept with spelling correction by Eric

Galle. Second by Kim Scheuneman. Vote taken and passed.

Treasurer Report:

Deposits $327.00

Disbursed $1,411.79

New Balance 27,207.88

Discussion of payment to Dave for mowing parks. Decided to pay Dave Johnson the remainder of his Contract with HHOA, he is doing a great job.

Motion to accept report made by Curt Becker, Seconded by Kim Scheuneman

Vote taken and passed

Old Business:

1. Collection Agency for past dues – on going

2. Researching lots 549 & 550 mailing address: on going

3. Dredging of Channel – drain commissioner has viewed the channel & weir. No decision yet.

4. Association violation lot 613 discussion. Motion made to have our lawyer contact the Sheriff to have the trailers moved by Kim Scheuneman. Seconded by Curt Becker. Vote taken and passed,

5. Stocking the Lake: Roger Jachim said No walleyes this year.

6. Road repair discussion

7. Fall clean up day discussion. Lets Talk Trash will bring three dumpsters. Motion was made by Eric Galle to have the event happen Oct.3, 2020 from 8 am to 3 pm at the club house. Seconded by Curt Becker. Vote taken & passed. Stuart Hazle agreed to have the signs made and post signs.

8. Parks M, B, C1, and N seawall – tabled

9. Computer program for finances – tabled

Committee Reports:

Parks – car at tennis court was discussed, Stuart reported that he had talked to the owner.

Road condition – Continue to talk to the township supervisors

Lights – 1 light out has been reported

Blight – letters are being sent to lot owners

Website – working well

New Business:

1. Reimbursement for Nonprofit Corporation Annual Reports dues of

$20. to Stuart Hazle.

Motion to adjourn by Curt Becker. Seconded by Kim Scheuneman. Passed.


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