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Dues are Due 4 HHOA

Just a reminder that the dues for Honeymoon Heights Owners Association were due this last weekend. Dues for the year 2023 are just $25 per lot owned per year, the monies raised keep our parks looking great, insurance, trash day, property tax, mailing stamps and other events that help the residents in our sub-division.

If you would like to pay your dues you can do it thru the website or by mailing a check. To mail, send us your Name, address, and lot numbers owned and the check for the amount owed. The address is:


PO Box 245

Lakeview, MI 48850

Costs have gone up for everyone including HHOA, please send your owed dues in so that we the Board of Governors can continue to keep our sub-division running smoothly.

Thanks, Board of Governors.


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