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Dock Policy at HHOA Parks

Honeymoon Heights Owners Association Dock Policy

At the last Annual Meeting June of 2019 the following policy was adopted to regulate the use of the docks at the parks by the back lot owners and receiving their dock permit.

1. To receive a dock permit for your boat you must be current on dues owed to the HHOA and have a current boat registration from the State of Michigan.

2. Apply for docks permits starting April 1st, if you help with the installation of the Docks in April you can receive your permit at that time. If you can not help the day the docks are installed, you can help by cleaning an Association Park to get it ready for the summer season.

3. You may not park your boat at the dock until after the HHOA April Meeting, which is the third Thursday of the month. Your boat must have a valid dock permit sticker before docking. You can also receive your dock permit at the meeting in April or any other HHOA Meeting.

4. The HHOA Board member who oversees the Parks is the one who will receive your application and give out permits.


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