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Dock Permit Applications

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Dock permit Applications are now available at our Newsletter dispensers at our HHOA Parks. Or copy and paste Application below. Please give this to one of the HHOA Board Members or mail to S. Hazle, 1795 W. Centerline Rd., St. Johns, MI 48879 with a self addressed stamped return envelope.

Honeymoon Heights

Of Townline Lake

11978 Birch Dr. Lakeview, MI 48850

Boat Dock Annual Parking Permit Application

A boat permit is available for Honeymoon Heights Lot owners only. All lot annual lot dues must be up to date in order to apply for a boat dock parking permit. Permits may be acquired through contacting any one of the Honeymoon Heights Board Members or at any of the scheduled Honeymoon Heights meetings. Permits will be assigned based on first come first serve basis. Permit holders agree to abide by all rules, regulations, and laws governing the use of the parks and docks by Honeymoon Heights Owners Association.

Permit Applicant Information

Name _______________________________________________________ Lot Numbers ____________________

Honeymoon Heights Address __________________________________________________________

Best Mailing Address ________________________________________________________________

City _________________________________________ ST ___________ Zip __________________

Home Phone ___________________________________ Cell ________________________________

Email Address _____________________________________________________________________

Boat Information

Boat Year, Make and Model ____________________________________________________________

Boat registration is needed to apply for dock permit, Boat registration must be in the name of the lot owner.

Boat Registration Number ______________________________________________________________

Park Letter (The park you wish to dock your boat) ________

Waiver: Honeymoon Heights Owners Association is not responsible for any physical damage or theft of any boat tied to the HHOA docks, or of any boats causing damage to other boats at docks.

Signature _______________________________________________ Date _______________________

Date Received ____________ UTD on Dues ______ Approval _____ Permit # ________________

Year Issued __________________________ By _________________________________________

Comments _______________________________________________________________________


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