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Minutes 10-18-2018

Minutes from October 2018 Meeting

Old Business:

1. Collection of late dues, letter to those 2yr behind.

a. Bylaws need changing, Bylaws meeting?

b. Stuart to Call Jourdan Rassmuessen to record liens on those behind in Dues.

c. Board to go over Bylaws and make changes, we will then resubmit the bylaws to Montcalm County

2. Blight, Lot 393, 551

a. In progress

b. Still working on it – Lonny will stop by and ask them to clean up yards

3. Park J: The picnic table structure roof,

a. Getting estimate

b. Lonny had not got an estimate yet from a roofing company – now that it is spring, I will try again. What about community doing it?

4. Park A Tree Roots – DEQ

a. Tabled till spring. – Board looking at doing it themselves

5. Lots 549 & 550 structure violation of Assoc Rules

a. Need to get mailing address they are using

b. Still working on getting an address to prove they are living there, and they are still in violation of HHOA Bylaws – Seeing if they receive mail there.

6. Dredging of Channel at North End

a. Lonny is getting letter out to let everyone know that this needs to be addressed

7. New Dock, Park N and B1, C1

a. New dock at Park N, Older dock moved to Park B1

b. Removal of Docks will happen Oct. 13, we will switch docks around then – All docks are in.

8. Online payment of Dues

a. Stuart will check further into this, PayPal charges a fee for this service, this fee would be attached to the dues owed by owner. Stuart will call Web Site and see how to attach payment online.

9. Assoc. Violation, lot 613 three trailers

a. Papers were filed this week to have trailers removed

b. Still in progress, the wheels of government move slow

10. Potholes in Assoc. Roads, list sent to Montcalm County

a. Lonny will send list again to Montcalm Road Commission – Potholes fixed. Please give us address of any further concerns.

11. Assoc. Tennis Court on Cherry St

a. Removal of Brush will do in spring

b. Sign for Tennis Court

c. Rascal will contact neighbor about making a sign for the tennis court

12. Fire pit removal, Park C1 – was removed

a. Eric Galle was notified that according to our Lawyer Jourdan, that the fire pit would have to be removed.

13. News letter, Ed Koutz

a. Ed Koutz volunteered to write a newsletter about what is happening in HHOA, to be mailed out with the Dues notices. Letter looks good

Committee Reports:

Parks: Todd Barton

Roads: Stuart Hazel

Lights: Bill McElroy

Building Issues: Ed Koutz

Blight: Curt Becker

Website: Stuart

New Business:

A. Make our Web Site more usable for owners in Honeymoon Heights, add pages for classified ads, Lots/property for sale, business cards, Stuart will check with the Web company to see if it can be done or how to do it.

Meeting Adjourned


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