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June Annual Meeting 6-29-2019

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Honeymoon Heights Owners Association

Board of Govenors Annual Meeting

June 29, 2019

Board Members Present: Stuart Hazle, Curt Becker, Lonny Day, Eric Galle, Bill McElroy, Todd Barton

Pledge of Allegiance: recited by all present

Guest Forum Concerns:

Lots B & M are not being mowed & lawn clippings are being blown onto neighboring property. Stuart Hazle will call Freedom Lawn Care.

Fireworks - would like something on web-site about what days are designated for fireworks.

Park Cleaning - it was decided we are not going to pay residents to clean parks. We can get Freedom Lawn care to do this.

Docks - want to look into association dues money going towards buying & maintaining docks.

Reading of Annual Meeting minutes of 6-29-2019: Lonny read the minutes.

Motion was made to approve the minutes, Minutes approved

Treasurer's Report, Ending June 30, 2019

a. Previous Balance- $22,799.38

b. Dues Collected- $3603.90

a. Expenses for month: Electric Bill, Freedom Lawn Care, Roof Pavilian, Park A stump removal and rock sea wall, Website construction, Bulletin Boards - $5548.56

b. Monies in Savings: $20754.58

Old Business:

1. Collection of late dues: Eric Galle contacted Michigan Creditor collection agency. They will take care of everything. They charge 45% commission.

2. Eric made motion to use Michigan Creditor Collection Agency to collect any dues owed after 1 month of final notice has been sent.

Motion was seconded and passed.

Should a late fee be attached if not paid on time?

Should we offer residents a one-time opportunity to pay half of what is owed and forgive the remaining half? this would be for anyone who is currently behind over 5 years.

2. Blight: Curt Becker sent in forms on the concerned areas. Eric Galle will check on a clean-up day, where we could hire someone to come in and accept residents trash on a designated day.

3. Structure violation: Lots 549 & 550 on Hickory St. Stuart Hazle is working on this but there are lots of details to go through in order to get any action taken.

4. Channel Dredging: Lonny Day is working with Nancy Snyder to get process started. We need to schedule meeting with Drain Commissioner Sandy Reins, she's on a 6 week vacation & then plans to retire. Lonny will work with Marvin Kladder & Nancy to get ball rolling. Hopefully more to report at next meeting.

5. Lot 613: Three trailers are being lived in. One has been removed. Further action soon to be seen on the remaining two. At this time putting ads in paper to notify owners of the process to remove the trailers, and then for the court to take the next step in the removal of the trailers.

6. Tennis Court Clean-up: contacting Freedom Lawncare for a quote on cleaning up the brush and vines growing around the tennis court, Stuart Hazle to call Freedom Lawn Care for an estimate..

7. Bulletin Board: has been made. Lonny Day will install as well as installing a suggestion box at clubhouse.

8. Debit Cards: Issue a debit card to Treasurer to pay Association related bills. Eric Galle made motion to issue debit card, Todd Barton seconded & motion passed.

9. Fishing Townline Lake: Roger Jachim is absent and will report on stocking of fish in Townline Lake at the next meeting.

New Business:

1. Port-a-Johns at some of the HHOA Parks: this was decided not to be a good idea and not wanted.

2. Park Playset to be installed at a HHOA Park: not wanted by residents.

Lonny Day is working on setting up an email account so residents can express their complaints and board members can follow up. This does NOT take the place of residents needing to contact law enforcement on immediate situations.

A committee was formed to look into the expense and need for docks: Mike Gross, Eric Galle, Rascal Calcutt, Ed Koutz. They will talk with residents and report back on HHOA buying and maintaining of these docks.

3. Dock Policy at Parks: The following policy was proposed for dock usage

a. To receive a dock permit for your boat you must be current on dues owed to the HHOA and have a current boat registration from the State of Michigan.

b. Apply for docks permits starting April 1st, if you help with the installation of the Docks in April you can receive your permit at that time. If you can not help the day the docks are installed, you can help by cleaning an Association Park to get it ready for the summer season.

c. You may not park your boat at the dock until after the HHOA April Meeting, which is the third Thursday of the month. Your boat must have a valid dock permit sticker before docking. You can also receive your dock permit at the meeting in April or any other HHOA Meeting.

d. The HHOA Board member who oversees the Parks is the one who will receive your application and give out permits.

Election of Board Members:

Eric Galle & Curt Becker were elected, voted in for 3 more years.

Diana Jachim was voted in to finish Bill McElroy's term for one more year.

Todd Barton also resigned from the board for personal reasons, no one at this time has stepped forward to fill this position.

Motion was made to adjourn meeting, motion was seconded & passed.


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