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Honeymoon Heights Hearld 6-19

2019 HHOA Annual Meeting June 29th at 10:00 am

All Honeymoon Heights Lot Owners are encouraged to attend this once a year meeting whereby you help vote in new board members and vote on Honeymoon Heights issues. Remember you may be heard but you may not vote if your dues are not paid in full or have special arrangements on paying your dues. Last year was one of our largest attended meetings in years which shows a growing interest in whats happening in the HHOA

subdivision. Coffee and donuts will be served and a Port-A-Jon will be available. Professional, Peaceful & Productive

4th of July ORV and Golf Cart Parade

We are excited to announce the ORV and Golf Cart Parade on the 4th of July at 7:30 pm. This will be for both Schmeid Park and Honeymoon Heights or anyone else that wishes to join us as we parade up and down the Tree Streets and Bird Streets. The parade will start at the HHOA Clubhouse located at the North end of Birch St and lineup will be on North County Line Rd, the parade will end at Schmeid Park.

Three Rules: 1) ORV Sticker 2) Safety First 3) Obey all traffic laws. There will be two

"Free Rescue Trailers" to assist anyone in the event of a breakdown or low batteries. The theme will be "American Freedom". So, decorate your vehicles and come join in on the FUN

Rain or Shine Except for Lightning Storms

4th of July Boat Parade

Every year Schmeid Park hosts the 4th of July "Boat Parade" at 1:00 pm. We all enjoy watching the decorated watercraft as they slowly cruise around Townline Lake.

So, anyone that wishes to get in on the FUN, decorate your craft and join us. All are welcome.

Rain or Shine Except for Lightning Storms

Special Loading Area Park

Much work has been done on the Parks this year already. First of all, let the Honeymoon Heights people know that there is a special reserved passenger loading area at park N over by the Ford Lincoln Park. The special people can be driven down to the dock and easily board the family watercraft. Please remember that others may want to use the loading area also so, park your vehicle just off the drive.

Next, Honeymoon Heights Subdivision has a Basketball and Tennis Court on Cherry St. North of Pine St. It is yours to use. Let people know.

The roof of Park J pavilion has been repaired.

Looks great Lonny, Kim, and Todd.

Park A now has the dangerous tree roots removed and a Rock Seawall in place.

Thank you Lonny and Stuart

Have a Safe Summer

Be sure to check out the Honeymoon Heights Website at:

(Hint: your home computer will show more at this website than your cell phone.)

These Newsletters are available in the Red covered plastic boxes at selected Parks.


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