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HHOA Meeting Minutes 5-21-2020

Updated: Jun 8, 2022


Minutes from May 21, 2020 Meeting

Board Members: Stuart Hazle, Curt Becker, Eric Galle, Diana Jachim, Lonny Day, Kym Scheuneman

Due to COVID-19 "stay home" order in place, zoom virtual meeting called to order at 7:12 pm with all board members and 5 attendees present.

Pledge of Allegiance: recited by all

Guest Forum Concerns: none

Motion made by Eric Galle, seconded by Curt Becker to approve 10-19-2019 meeting minutes as read by Secretary Diana Jachim, motion passed.

Treasurer Report Ending 10-31-2019: Beginning Balance: $23,012.63

Expenses for Oct: 4,449.15

Deposits for Oct: 425.00

Ending Balance: $23,998.48

Motion made by Diana Jachim, seconded by Lonny Day to approve 10-31-2019 Treasurer Report as read by Treasurer Eric Galle, motion passed.

Old Business: Due to state wide "stay home" order, most contacts & information are unavailable.

1. Collection Agency: Eric Galle working on.

2. Structure Violation Lots 549/550: Stuart Hazle working on.

3. Channel Dredging: Lonny Day working on.

4. Assoc Violation Lot 613: Stuart Hazle reported only 1 trailer is left. Lawyer has video conference

5. Townline Lake fish stocking: Diana Jachim reported that Roger Jachim is waiting to hear from DNR.

6. Dock Committee: Eric Galle read the 1st draft of the policy proposal later in the meeting.

7. Road Care: Kym Scheuneman reported on 3 quotes for Hazel Rd totaling around $26,000. He will meet with Montcalm County Road commissioner. Lengthy discussions & opinions were heard. Who pays for what is the main question. Motion made by Lonny Day to table further reporting on Roads until next meeting, seconded by Eric Galle, motion passed.

8. Clean Up Day: Motion made by Diana Jachim for Eric Galle to contact Lets Talk Trash for 1 day end of Sept, seconded by Curt Becker, motion passed. ce scheduled with the judge to have the judge sign the document to authorize the removal of the trailer.

9. Park M Stone Sea wall: Lonny Day working on. It was mentioned that Park N, B and C1 should also have stone Seawalls.

10. Laptops: Stuart Hazle bought 2 used laptops, for Secretary and President at a cost of $924.78, for laptops and programing.

11. Financial software update: Eric Galle reported update is needed for accurate dues reporting.

12. Leaf Disposal: issues resolved.

13. Park Trees: Dave Johnson, when mowing, reported several parks need to have fallen & dead trees removed.

Committee Reports:

Parks: Lonny Day reported all lakeside parks need stone at shorelines. A workday is scheduled for Sat 5/23 to paint posts & list improvements needed at all parks.

Roads: Kym Scheuneman reported on roads earlier.

Lights: Diana Jachim


Blight: Curt Becker

Website: Stuart Hazle

New Business:

A. Laptops Reimbursement: Staurt Hazle was reimbursed $924.78.

B. Review Dues: Eric Galle told the Board that a realignment of dues is needed & 100 lot owners are in collection. Discussions & opinions were heard. Tabled until next meeting.

C. Diana Jachim reported address on Schmeid near Hazel St. has blight. Curt Becker to look into.

D. Dock Committee Report: At 8:40 pm, Eric Galle read the Dock Committee report and new dock proposal. Comments, ideas & opinions were heard. Due to time restraints, issues were tabled until next meeting. Committee was told to come up with one solution to bring to the Annual June Meeting.

Motion made by Eric Galle to adjourn meeting at 9:28 pm, seconded by Diana Jachim, motion passed.

Next scheduled meeting is Saturday, June 27, 2020 at 10:00 am at the Clubhouse on Birch St.


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