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HHOA Meeting Minutes 10-17-2019

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Honeymoon Heights Owners Association

Minutes from October 19, 2019 Meeting

Board Members Present: Stuart Hazle, Eric Galle, Lonny Day, Diana Jachim, Kym Scheuneman, absent Curt Becker

Meeting called to order at 7:02 pm with 5 board members and 5 attendees present

Pledge of Allegiance: recited by all present

Guest Forum Concerns:

1. Gordy Weller asked about the channel dredging. Lonny Day reported discussions still

in progress.

Reading of Meeting minutes for 9-19-2019: Secretary Diana Jachim read the minutes. Motion was made

by Eric Galle, seconded by Lonny Day to approve minutes as read, with corrections: Pauline O'Brien is a trustee & $200 was approved for upgrades to financial & hardware software.

Treasurer Report Ending 10-1-2019: Beginning Balance: $22061.32

Expenses for Sep: 73.08

Deposits for Sep: 650.00

Ending Balance: $22638.24

Eric Galle read report. Two past due payments were received. The subject of "dead"

properties was discussed, as well as board members will not personally approach

property owners in regards to late dues. Communications will be in the form of past due

letters mailed by Treasurer. Diana Jachim motioned to accept Treasurer report,

seconded by Lonny Day, motion passed.

Old Business:

1. Collection Agency: Eric Galle reported a more complete list of property owners is needed with phone numbers. Agency wants 50% of what is collected.

2. Structure Violation Lots 549/550: Stuart Hazle still working on exact Birch Dr mailing address.

3. Channel Dredging: Lonny Day reported on talks with Marv Kladder. A silt fence could be built. Parks I & K on Pine between Channel & Lake Shore could be used for pumped out materials. County doesn't want to help. Public hearing is needed to move forward. A lot is going on with no answers. The idea of renting a dredging pump was suggested, work should be done in August when channel water is lowest. Best cost estimate is $10,000. Channel is about 35' wide.

4. Assoc Violation Lot 613: Stuart Hazle continues to work on. Tall wooden fence is being built by the owner of the lot.

5. Assoc Tennis Court Cherry Dr: Stuart Hazle reported 2 estimates, $2680-Andys & $1200-Ninjas. South neighbor Amanda Evanzo told the Board the only issue of North neighbor is Andys Tree Service wanted to drop all branches on top of her new septic tank. Lonny Day motioned to have Ninjas Tree Service do the work, seconded by Kym Scheuneman, motion passed.

6. Bulletin Board & Suggestion box: Lonny Day has completed.

7. Townline Lake Fish: Roger Jachim reported DNR will stock the lake with "walleye fingerlings" early June 2020.

8. Dock Committee: Rascal Calcutt reported the committee hasn't met yet. All docks are out.

When the docks go in next spring, policy & plan should be in place.

9. Road Care: Kym Scheuneman reported waiting on estimate for Hemlock Dr. Hazel Dr has 100' of wedge washed out. Lake Shore Dr has a bad stretch of road in front of Ford Lincolm Park. Kym to check with county & township on repairs and who pays.

10. Clean Up Day: Eric Galle proposed a Saturday in the spring, perhaps at centrally located

Ford Lincoln Park, with "Let's Talk Trash" company's dumpsters. Checking ID's was discussed. Diana Jachim motioned "Let's Talk Trash" supply dumpsters on May 16, 2020 for $1500, Kym Scheuneman seconded, motion carried. Eric Galle to contact company.

12. Park M Stone Wall: Lonny Day to contact State of Michigan. DELG needed for seawall.

13. Laptops: Curt Becker was absent, Curt was to report to Eric about purchasing 2 laptops, Eric will check into the purchase of laptops

14. Financial Software: Eric Galle working on.

15. Leaf Disposal: Discussion to buy 2 lots for HHOA leaf disposal. Lonny Day offered his lot

on Juniper. Lots 385/386 at Juniper/Cedar can't be used as they are owned by the Townline Lake Assoc. Maybe seldom used parks could be used.

Committee Reports: Parks: Lonny Day reported parks A/M/J need roofs over picnic tables. Eric Galle suggested an inventory of parks be done. Lonny suggested a spring workday to replace posts & cleanup. Stuart Hazle said Freedom Lawn Care is paid $3000 to mow 16 parks, while 14 parks are not identified & never used. Freedom lawn care estimate to clear Park R near the club house was $425, will not accept at this time as we want to access all parks first.

Roads: Kym Scheuneman

Lights: Diana Jachim reported 2 light poles are working thanks to Tri County Electric.

Building Issues:

Blight: Curt Becker was absent.

Website: Stuart Hazle - all is working well.

New Business: A. Park R - estimate needed for cleanup

B. Stuart Hazle to be reimbursed for ink/paper $23, approved

C. Lonny Day brought up past due accounts

D. Diana Jachim will post September's approved minutes very soon

E. Eric Galle motioned to pay Freedom Lawn Care to take care of leaves in the spring

& fall for $2000, seconded by Kym Scheuneman, motion passed.

Motion was made by Lonny Day to adjourn meeting at 9:00 pm, seconded by Kym Scheuneman, motion passed.

Next scheduled meeting is Thursday April 16, 2020 at 7:00 pm.


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