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HHOA Meeting Agenda 9-17-2020

Honeymoon Heights Owners Association

Board of Governors Meeting

Agenda for September 17, 2019

Board Members Present:

Pledge of Allegiance: recited by all present

Guest Forum:

Reading of last Meeting Minutes: 8-20-2020

Treasurers Report, Ending September- 1st -2020

Old Business:

1. Collection Agency

2. Lots 549 & 550 structure violation of Assoc. Rules

a. Need to get mailing address they are using

3. Dredging of Channel at North end

4. Assoc. Violation, lot 613, three trailers

5. Roger Jachim- Fishing and stocking Townline lake

6. Clean up Day with “Lets Talk Trash” Dumpsters

a. Montcalm County Recycling Sept. 19

7. Park M, B, C1, Stone Seawall, Lonny Day

8. Financial computer program update for Treasurer

9. Dave Johnson- removal of trees at 2 parks

Committee Reports:

Parks: Lonny Day

Roads: Kym Schoenemen

Lights: Nancy Lundwall

Building Issues:

Blight: Curt Becker

Website: Stuart Hazle

New business:

A. HHOA Non Profit Corporation Papers




Meeting Adjourned


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