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HHOA Meeting Agenda 5-19-22

Honeymoon Heights Owners Association

Board of Governors Meeting

Agenda for May 19, 2022

Board Members Present:

Pledge of Allegiance: recited by all present

Guest Forum:

Reading of last Meeting Minutes: 4-21-2022, Curt Becker

Treasurers Report, Ending May 1, 2022, Curt Becker reading

Per Susie Zwingman Bookkeeper

Old Business:

1. Collection Agency

2. Lots 549 & 550 structure violation of Assoc. Rules

a. Need to get mailing address they are using

3. Assoc. Violation, lot 613, 1 trailer, Cato Township

4. Financial computer program update for Treasurer

5. Trash Day, June 11, 2022 set date

6. Survey on Parks, have any been turned in?

7. Assoc. Garage Sale, June 4, 2022

8. 4th of July Parade


Committee Reports:

Parks: Beau Colliard

Park B landing at bottom, Gordon 989-817-3057

Post to block cars at Park M

Black dirt Parks M & N

Handicap Parking Park M & C

Roads: Kym Schoenemen

Lights: Eric Galle

Dock Permits: Stuart Hazle

Blight: Nancy Lundwall

Website: Stuart Hazle

Welcoming Committee: Nancy Lundwall, Diana Jachim

a. new volunteers

New business:

A. Pay Raise for Book Keeper, S. Zwingman

B. Annual Meeting Snacks or Meal

C. Moving posts in Parks C & N - Nancy Lundwall

June 25th Annual Meeting

Meeting Adjourned


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