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HHOA Dock Removal 2021

Just wanted to give a big shout out to all those who helped remove the docks at the HHOA Parks. Stuart Hazle, Bill McElroy and Adam Holnagel pulled two of the docks at Parks C and A on Friday evening, the rest of the docks were pulled Saturday morning.

The crew helping on Saturday were Rascal Calcutt, Chris Barcelona, Kim Schoenemen, Lonny Day, Ken Lundwall, Eric Maxson, and Stuart Hazle. They pulled the docks at Parks B, M, N, and B1. With enough help and splitting up into two crews the job was done in a little over an hour.

Great job guys it was good to see all the volunteers helping, they always say many hands make short work and they are right.

It is sad to see winter coming, but some things have to be done, we look forward to next year when the docks are reinstalled and boats are again running on the lake. Stay warm this winter.


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