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Happenings at the HHOA Parks

The Honeymoon Heights Owners Association Board of Governors has recently approved improvements at the Association Parks. The biggest one is Park B on Honeymoon Drive, this park has a steep hill to the water and to access the dock at the bottom there is a long flight of stairs.

The stairs were in need of repair, so the HHOA Board approved the stairs to be repaired, power washed and stained. The result being a great looking flight of stairs that are safer to walk on and look stupendous.

The HHOA Board also approved adding to the RipRap Seawall on Park A, Since installing the Stone RipRap at Park A in 2018 the stone had settled into place and additional stone had to be added to bring the seawall up to a proper height.

Stone was ordered from Koutz Gravel in the amount of 5 yards of 6"-10" stone, stone was delivered on Sept. 10th and put in place by Stuart and Judy Hazle. Great job by all involved, the seawall looks great.

Also approved at the Parks were new picnic tables at some of the parks, and three pavilions at parks A, J and M, were power washed and stained. Keep an eye out for other improvements as the Board seeks to improve the Parks and the Honeymoon Heights Owners Association.


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