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Docks are In !!

Updated: May 2, 2020

With everyone wearing a mask we were able to install docks at Parks A, C, M, N, and B1 today Saturday May 2nd. Thanks to Rascal, Ken, Lonny, Eric, Stuart, Diana and Roger for all their help installing the docks

Before boats can be docked at the park docks you will need to submit an application and have your HHOA dues paid before receiving a dock sticker. This application requires boat information and info on the residence/owners of the boat. You must be a resident of HHOA to receive an application. Applications can be found in the Newsletter boxes at the HHOA Parks.

You can receive an application and sticker at the next meeting of Honeymoon Heights Owners Assoc. which is Thursday May 21st at 7 pm at the club house on Birch Dr.

Thanks to everyone that helped, HHOA Governors Board of Directors


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