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Walleye in Townline Lake

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

It is amazing to see what one man can do when it comes to his fishing passion. It all started last year 2019 and a man named Roger wanted to improve the fishing in Townline Lake. Through his efforts he was able to discover that Walleye would improve the fishing in the lake. The DNR then scheduled two walleye plantings for the year 2020, but then the Covid virus struck and canceled the fish plantings for the year. But Roger was not deterred, he kept on looking and found some Walleyes in Minnesota, now it was a question of money to purchase walleye for Townline Lake.

Roger then set out to raise monies through donations, $200 was donated from the Honeymoon Heights Owners Assoc Board of Governors and the rest was donated from other people on Townline lake who wanted to see the fishing enhanced. Roger raised another $781 for the purchase of 325 Walleye, 7"-8" long, to be planted this October. Roger was surprised at the response of the fisherman on the lake and had to actually stop the donations because he could only purchase so many walleye. The DNR is still planning on planting Walleye two times in the year 2021, once in June and once in October. The DNR will then plant Walleye in Townline Lake every other year.

Roger and Ken on October 17th went to Stoney Creek Fisheries, bought the Walleye and brought them to Townline Lake where they were planted in several places around the lake. The projection is that you will be able to catch legal Walleye in about 3 years. So thanks to Roger for his efforts that the year 2020 is not a total loss and those that love to catch and eat Walleye will be able to satisfy their passion of fishing walleye sooner than later.


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