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Meeting Minutes (special) 12-28-2017

December E-Mail Meeting


Board of Governers E-Mail Meeting

December 28, 2017

President Rascal Calcutt contacted the board via email (12/28/2017) and brought to our attention that our present lawyer, Jourdan Rasmussen, may not be qualified to handle Lake Association bylaws and to seek a second opinion. This is in regards to how our Covenant and Bylaws compare to the Cato Township Setback regulations and whose bylaws take precedence. He suggested that we look into contacting attorney Bob Stanton who was the Lawyer for the Canadian Lake Association.

The motion was made by Stuart Hazle that the board speak with attorney Bob Stanton concerning HHOA bylaws and Covenant.

Treasurer Dianna Koone added to the motion: With a cost cap of $1,000.00

Motion was seconded by Richard Loveless

Motion carried: All Yes


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